Pumpdown Services


  • Pumpdown multi-stage plug and perforating
  • Logging – Casing Inspection for wear or deformation, through tubing inspection, through casing Pulsed Neutron formation evaluation, production logging, camera services
  • Slickline available for WR setting, retrieval


  • Proudly Canadian owned and operated
  • Greaseless e-line
  • 10K and 15K Pressure Control
  • Experienced Senior Pumpdown crews focused on Safety, Reliability and Results in Montney and Duvernay formations. Over 50,000 runs completed by our crews
  • Remote wellhead connection for easy connecting & disconnecting pressure equipment to allow quick pickup of plug and gun system while keeping personnel out of hot zone
  • Cerberus pre-job modeling includes pump rates, tool length, dogleg severity


  • Greaseless e-line, 10K and 15K pressure control
  • Downhole release tool
  • Remote wellhead lock connection
  • Pumpdown work trailer

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