GasGun™ & Kraken™

Canada’s Exclusive Provider for Enhanced Energetics

Exclusive to Eclipse E-Line Services, Enhanced Energetics’ GasGun™ & Kraken™ are wireline/TCP-conveyed radial fracturing devices that are based on ballistic technology from the US military. They use progressively burning propellants, which have been independently shown to be extremely effective at fracture creation and better formation permeability. Applications for this technology include:

  • Production stimulation
  • Injection wells dropping breakdown pressures
  • Pump-down or Plug-and-Perf operations
  • Close Water Contact fracturing
  • Near-wellbore damage penetration
  • Pre-frac treatments for multiple pathways
  • Acid replacement/pre-acid effectiveness treatment
  • Horizontal and vertical fracturing
  • Cased and open-hole applications


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