Perforating Services

Safely Enhancing
Your Operations

We provide a variety of reliable and efficient perforating services, deployable in vertical and horizontal completions, recompletions, and abandonments. Using our exclusive Enhanced Energetics Kraken™ and GasGun™ tools, we can boost production and injection rates, clean out liners, and enhance cement squeezes. Eclipse’s perforation services include:

  • Electric wireline conveyed perforating
  • Through-tubing perforating
  • Tubing-conveyed perforating
  • Orientated tubing conveyed perforating
  • Perforating during abandonment operations
  • Coiled tubing and e-coil perforating
  • Pump-down plug and shoot
  • ControlFire® RF Safe Perforating System
  • Enhanced Energetics propellant products

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