Abandonment Services

Custom Solutions For
Non-Producing Wells

Our expert teams will guide you on specific, tailored solutions to match your decommissioning and abandonment needs – considering compliance, regulatory decisions, environmental factors, and everything else that a successful closure requires. Whether the process starts with pipe recovery or cased hole logging, or you need a simple bridge plug and cement procedure, we’ve got you covered. Our offerings include:

  • Gauge ring/junk baskets
  • Baker #10 & #20 setting tools for casing plugs
  • 43-mm setting tools for tubing bridge plugs
  • Dump bailers of all sizes
  • Segmented cement bond logs
  • Noise/temperature surveys for SCVF
  • Compensated neutron logging
  • Pulsed neutron logging
  • Casing swabbing
  • Conventional and derrick units
  • Advanced shoot-for-squeeze options with Enhanced Energetics


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