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We offer a complete suite of specialty services for operators in primary industries, providing cutting-edge tools that improve efficiency, maintenance, and reporting. These include:

In-line Tractors:
Our 64-mm Sondex conveyance tractors minimize deployment risks with immense downhole feedback, in highly deviated and horizontal wellbores between 177mm-245 mm. Offered data includes a locator, head tension, toolstring speed & depth, tractor load, drive arm diameter, and tool temperature.

Multi-finger Imaging for Casing inspections:
Available in 24-, 40-, and 60-finger versions, these tools provide 3D data, printing, and statistical analysis with proprietary software. They are combinable with other Ultrawire tools, such as PLT (Production Logging Tool), MTT (Magnetic Thickness Tool), and RBT (Radial Bond Tool).

Magnetic Thickness Tool (MTT):
Surveys pipe metal thickness variations, showing internal/external metal loss, pitting, and gradual wall loss. Provides qualitative 3D images of well conditions.

Eclipse Inspection Through Tubing Tool (EIT3):
Measures wall thickness through multiple pipes in a single pass, in casing up to 18”.

Pulse Neutron Logging:
Pulse neutron instruments can differentiate gases from liquids, especially brine, in wells and cavities. This gives an accurate picture of the presence of underground water, oil, and hydrocarbons. Useful in determining Surface Casing Vent Flow (SCVF) or Gas Migration sources/storage as well. 

Sonar Imaging:
Used in caverns for brine production, liquid hydrocarbon storage, gas storage, old mines/quarries, and solution mining. Our sonar survey instruments have the highest temperature and pressure capabilities, gyro stabilizers, and navigation processes for precise positioning and optimized acoustics. The 3D viewer also allows for comparison to any sonic survey provider.64

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