Health, Safety & Environment

Safety is just
the start

At Eclipse, staying safe is more than just a phrase. It’s a principle that guides our work and our dedication to incident prevention – all day, every day, on every project. From the proper training procedures for new hires to having the right equipment for the job, we will never try to cut corners or compromise on safety. HSE is priority #1, and our commitment to it is universal throughout all operations.

Training for every

One of the most important factors in our stellar safety record is our comprehensive training and individual sense of responsibility. We have a full-time HSE Manager and trainer on staff to ensure complete competence at every level, and our policies are all clearly laid out in the Health & Safety manual for quick reference. All management activities comply with our company safety requirements, and we believe that accidents and losses can be minimized through mutual cooperation and intent.

Dedicated to our
Working Environment

We have a responsibility to preserve the places where we work – to provide not only a safe and encouraging working environment but to act in a manner that protects our natural resources and keeps our job sites clean. From our disposal and clean-up procedures to our ongoing efforts to reduce emissions and waste, environmental considerations are always top of mind at Eclipse.

Relationships of Respect

Our work brings us onto the lands of many different Indigenous nations, who combine their rich cultural heritage with booming economic potential for the future. We recognize and respect the rights and traditions of these peoples, and always work together in a spirit of collaboration for our enhanced mutual benefit.

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