Cased Hole Logging

Cased Hole logging

Our experienced operators perform a variety of accurate logs, providing a comprehensive interpretation of the data acquired on each run. Our field operators, with the support of our technical team, can identify issues immediately and provide timely recommendations to ensure efficiency. Our easy-to-understand interpretations simplify decision making and ensure accurate record keeping.

We offer ‘greaseless’ E-line for all logging-under-pressure operations, eliminating the need for grease injection systems, and our Sondex E-line conveyance tractors accompany our full suite of cased hole logs for highly deviated and horizontal applications.

  • Cement Bond Logs
  • Radial Cement Evaluation Logs
  • Gamma Ray Correlation Logs
  • Single Spaced Neutron Logs
  • Compensated Neutron Logs
  • Three Arm Caliper Logs
  • Temperature Logs
  • Noise Logs
  • Noise/Temperature Logs
  • CCL Logs
  • Free Point Logs
  • Positioning Logs for TCP and Downhole Tools

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