Cavern Services

Tools for Subterranean
Cavern Imaging

We are the exclusive provider of Flodim cavern surveillance tools in Canada, as well as the only company in the country that has an E-line unit of personnel trained to operate it. These tools allow our clients to get an accurate picture and 3D scan of underground cavities and storage areas, leading to more informed decisions on the surface. Our services include:

Sonar Surveys:
Used in caverns for brine production, liquid hydrocarbon storage, gas storage, old mines/quarries, and solution mining. Complete with a 3D viewer that allows for comparison to sonic surveys, and capable of withstanding high temperatures and pressures while maintaining gyroscopic stability and precise acoustic positioning.

EZ Cutter:
This cutter enables perfect control and clean cuts without explosives or chemicals. Our 73-mm cutter can cut through most grades of steel, from 114.3 mm to 273 mm.

Instrumented Explorer:
A 4-in-1 tool that incorporates critical sensors to confirm well integrity in cavern locations. Used prior to running subsequent E-line logs or sonar surveys to ensure safe operations.

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