Eclipse E-Line Services Inc. is proud to now offer Sondex Well Tractors to accompany our full suite of Cased Hole Logging, Perforating and Pipe Recovery Services!

Our 54mm and 63mm OD Well Tractors are used to deploy our Logging, Perforating and Pipe Recovery tools into highly deviated and horizontal wellbores with ID’s ranging in size from 73mm to 245mm. They use DC power to drive both up and down and are an excellent option for challenging well profiles where a larger OD Tractor isn’t an option.

The Sondex Tractors minimize deployment risk through exceptional downhole feedback which includes a Casing Collar Locator, Head Tension, Toolstring Speed & Depth, Tractor Load, Drive Arm Diameter and Tool Temperature. They can also be run in tandem to convey passenger tools strings through wells with complex geometries.

Contact Anders, Doug or Rob at our Calgary Head Office at (587)350-3675 or for more information. Toll Free Dispatch 1-888-949-7373.