Eclipse E-Line is the exclusive provider of Enhanced Energetics products in Canada. The GasGun™ and Kraken™ are wireline/TCP conveyed radial fracturing devices based on ballistic technology from the US military.  It uses progressively burning propellants that have been proven by independent testing and research to be many times more effective in creating fractures and increasing connection to formation permeability.

Applications Include:

  • Production Stimulation
  • Injection Wells dropping breakdown pressures
  • Pump Down or Plug and Perf operations
  • Close Water Contact fracturing
  • Near wellbore damage penetration
  • Pre Frac treatments for multiple pathways
  • Acid replacement/Pre-acid effectiveness treatment
  • Horizontal and vertical fracturing
  • Cased and Open hole applications

On Surface Firing of 0.5 meter GasGun