Eclipse E-Line is the exclusive provider of Flodim Sonar, Explorer tools, and the EZ Cutter in Canada and are the only company that provides the E-line Unit, trained personnel, and the equipment without relying on third party sources.

Sonar Survey Instruments

  • Primarily used in caverns, storage cavities and mining, with the ability to sonar through pipe, we have been finding new customer solutions for this technology.
  • Highest pressure and temperature capabilities, Gyro Stabilization System, Navigation system for high precision positioning, Optimized acoustic system
  • 3D Viewer allows for comparison between ANY sonar survey provider

EZ Cutter

  • Enables clean and perfectly controlled cuts without the use of explosives or chemicals
  • 73mm tool capable of cutting out to 273mm

Explorer Tool

  • a 4 in 1 “smart gauge ring” that has similar dimensions to the EZ cutter and sonar tools but also provides inclination, Dual String Collar Locator, Gamma ray and pressure/temperature sensors.